18.07.2018 PLATH Career

The 2018 PLATH Championship – a summer festival with a World Cup theme

And here, too, the Germany team was missing from the final ...

There was plenty of sport at this year’s PLATH summer festival. Football was given a creative spin in the 2018 PLATH Championship.

The kick-off for the competition was in the PLATH courtyard at 14.30. There the organisation team explained the sequence and rules of play of the PLATH Championship:

  • 12 Teams (France, Croatia, England, Switzerland, ...)
  • 3 disciplines
    One-handed table football (4 players for each team with individual substitutions), round-the-table football (with all team members) and goal wall shooting
  • 3 venues
    St. Petersburg (Social room I, sauna-like climatic conditions), Samara (Social Room II) and Moscow (courtyard with professional goal wall)

Just as with the professional teams, the players were vociferously supported by their groups of fans (vive la France! c’mon!)

After all the cheerful activity and subsequent refreshment with cool drinks, the participants could redeem their tickets for the evening event from 17.30. The final, the awarding of prizes and party took place at the Markt Koenig restaurant in the Rindermarkthalle at the Heiligengeistfeld.

After a welcome drink in the evening sun, the three top teams in the championship confronted each other by playing out the semi-finals and the final of the 2018 PLATH Championship with fair play in the form of ‘guess the quantity’ type questions. Let’s give our hearty congratulations again to Mexico, the winning team! Olé!

Then, in keeping with our football theme, we all stormed towards the unbelievably delicious and varied grill buffet.
In a nutshell, a really lovely summer festival and a great venue – it went considerably better with PLATH than with the German World Cup team.