22.02.2018 PLATH Career

PLATH, successful in the past, today and also in the future:

The Minister for Economic Affairs as guest in the Gotenstraße

Brigitte Zypries, the Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Energy, visited PLATH GmbH in Hamburg on 13/02/2018. She was accompanied by Johannes Kahrs, Member of Parliament. The two politicians spent two hours of their time to gain an impression of the capabilities and innovation strength of the PLATH Group.

After a presentation and two software demonstrations, Mrs. Zypries enthusiastically summarised her impressions as "it is impressive how PLATH has developed".

PLATH GmbH is a company that has constantly dynamically changed since the founding in 1837 and in doing so has repeatedly succeeded in anticipating market developments and technology advances. The originally produced PLATH sextants and compasses have long since disappeared from the product range and have been replaced by current and future high-tech products.

"We always aim to be IN FRONT of the wave", stressed Nico Scharfe, Managing Director. "We succeed in this with our own PLATH DNA that is characterised by proximity to the customer, international character, high alertness and reliability"

"And do you do that all here in Hamburg?", asked Mr. Kahrs, Member of Parliament for the Hamburg-Mitte constituency, who was interested and impressed during the product presentation. Four of the total of eleven companies in the PLATH Group alone are settled in the greater Hamburg region.

In addition to the PLATH management, some colleagues from the Development department were also given the opportunity to present examples and results of their work to the Minister and the Member of Parliament. "We are honoured", summarised the PLATH CTO, Dr. Andreas Schwolen-Backes.

After Boris Bugarski, CEO of the data42 spin-off, had given a brief insight into the possible applications of the innovative software, Dr. Vera Kamp, also CEO of data42, answered a further question from Mrs. Zypries with the outlook "We are currently planning that and will be pleased to show it to you for your next visit“.