01.03.2016 PLATH GmbH

Global leading HF receiver technology

The multi-channel HF receiver SIR 5110 from PLATH GmbH covers the full frequency range from 0.5 to 30 MHz. Multiple mission critical bands of interest can be covered simultaneously by freely selecting 16 precisely tuned digital sub-bands.

Furthermore due to the sophisticated filter technology the SIR 5110 is able to detect very weak signals, even extremely short bursts, within the most difficult and noisiest signal environments. In conclusion with these outstanding features the SIR 5110 provides the operators faster with more precise results and at the same time replaces with only 1 RU several receivers of other suppliers.

The multi-channel receiver can be used as part of a large COMINT system or as an entry-level solution for signal monitoring. In this basic configuration the SIR 5110 will be presented at AFCEA 2016 in Bonn. Within the broadband monitoring solution CMAS 2000, which impress through its excellent price-performance ratio and its compactness, the SIR 5110 provides a spurious free overview over the entire HF range.

Visit the booth P9 at AFCEA 2016, where the PLATH Group is represented by PROCITEC, to get a demonstration of this outstanding performance in signal monitoring.