Radio Reconnaissance Software

The Radio Reconnaissance Software division offers powerful software: ICAS for automated radio reconnaissance as well as COCKPIT for tactical operations. Both support interoperable, future-proof systems that cover the entire intelligence cycle.

They can be used independently of sensors and manufacturers and, thanks to their high modularity and scalability, can be adapted to any application scenario.


ICAS – the Intelligence Control and Analysis System – is a high-performance, interoperable and scalable reconnaissance and electronic warfare platform for the entire frequency spectrum of radio communication. It offers the full range of functions for controlling and operating radio reconnaissance systems. ICAS enables automated sensor control as well as results analysis via a uniform graphical user interface. Regardless of whether it’s strategic or tactical intelligence, a mobile application on land or at sea, or stationary use, ICAS will help you gain information superiority.


COCKPIT is a tactical intelligence suite for platforms in the tactical environment, at sea, in the air and on land. The COCKPIT user interface has been designed for small displays and the corresponding input devices. The suite will allow you to manage third-party sensor systems with a high level of control and display the relevant information. Combined with multiple mobile platforms, COCKPIT enables efficient collaboration, including the sharing of sensor information and exchange of situation assessments. COCKPIT can thus optimally support you in your tactical operations.