24 Apr 2022 | Systems & Integration

Successful exchange of direction finders

In September 2021, PLATH GmbH & Co. KG received the order from the Federal Network Agency for the renewal of four HF direction finders, including the corresponding software. Thirteen years ago...


direction finder DFP5050 S

22 Mar 2022 | Systems & Integration

Dr. Andreas Schwolen-Backes becomes CEO of PLATH GmbH & Co. KG

Dr. Andreas Schwolen-Backes joined the management team of PLATH GmbH & Co. KG since February 2022 - in parallel to Nico Scharfe (CEO). He is responsible for Solution Design, Innovation and Technical…


Dr. Andreas Schwolen-Backes

10 Aug 2021 | Systems & Integration

Sandra Jung takes over sales management of PLATH GmbH & Co. KG

With effect from 1 July 2021, Sandra Jung has taken over the management of PLATH GmbH & Co. KG’s worldwide sales activities. As the new Chief Sales Officer (CSO) for PLATH Systems & Integration,…

21 Jul 2021 | Radio Reconnaissance Software

ICAS Release 15 – Stronger focus on automation and extended sensor support

The latest release extends the capabilities of ICAS – enabling more flexibility and control by the user. The focus is on easier operation of the tasks, which allow for more flexible automation...


Tasking in ICAS

09 Jul 2021 | Systems & Integration

NEMO – drive-by COMINT on any platform

The precise reconnaissance and evaluation of signals of interest (SoI) in your area of interest (AoI) is essential in operations. If you don’t have deployable COMINT capabilities in the theatre, NEMO…


NEMO - drive-by COMINT