Stephane Sabatier selected as "Best Signal Collection & Analysis CEO (Europe)”

Congrats to Stephane Sabatier, CEO of our PLATH Group member Serpikom for being selected as "Best Signal Collection & Analysis CEO (Europe)”. 

The jury based this among others on the momentum created by CEO and founder Sabatier to grow its market image as "a company that innovates with impeccable passion and the utmost ingenuity, looking to answer the needs of its clients".  With more than 20 years of experience the honoree as the man in charge  has built up his own ability to innovate within the trades of interception and security.

As he was putting hybrid working first since 2015 already meant that when Covid came, Serpikom´s employees were in a position of stability fast. And having understood like many other succesful leaders as well that the team is the most valuable resource he engaged customized trainers and brings constant support to make them feel seen, heard, and valued.
Again - Congrats, Stephane!

Serpikom develops interception and signal analysis missions for defence and security both, specializing in the processing of radio frequencies from the HF range to the SHF range, making itself the centre of research and development for its region - customer-driven and as a leading innovator of testing, security and defence solutions.

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Stephane Sabatier of Serpikom selected as "Best Signal Collection & Analysis CEO (Europe)”

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