Case study of PROCITEC sheds light on the use of go2signals to perform ‘Early-Entry’ RF surveys

as published in JED - Journal of Electromagnetic Dominance Oct

PROCITEC (a member of PLATH group) just released a new case study which was published in the latest issue of the Journal of Electronic Dominance (JED) and focusses on the use of go2signals to perform ‘Early-Entry’ RF surveys.

The objective is to improve understanding of the local RF environment, and to get information for related planning and development of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures. Here it is: Using go2signals for light/tactical CEMA – rapid deployment ‘Early-Entry’ RF surveys

Read the full PDF article

Find more information about go2signals software for radio signal detection, classification, decoding and analysing on their website: go2signals – PROCITEC


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