• Support to governments and official
    bodies in the protection from danger

  • Protection of infrastructure
    and resources

  • Support to security agencies
    in the prevention of conflicts

  • Threat detection to secure
    freedom, peace and order

Securing security

Most people are united by the desire to live without worries in a peaceful and free world. However, the real world is quite different. Terrorism, war and riots lead to a growing need for security. Prevention of and response to conflicts of this nature requires Communications Intelligence – an increasingly complex task due to the continuous increase in data volume and the growing range of communication media.

Within the field of Communications Intelligence ( COMINT ), Electronic Intelligence ( ELINT ) and Electronic Warfare ( EW ), PLATH Group provides solutions tailored to customer-specific requirements as well as turnkey solutions.

PLATH Group´s commitment to ensuring security means that we support customers in the preservation of internal and external security, both in the civil and the military sectors. Our solutions identify reliably threats and provide relevant information as a basis for sound decision-making. By thus enabling our customers to prevent conflicts and to respond appropriately, PLATH Group contributes to securing freedom, peace and order.



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