How to adapt to the ever-evolving signal processing trend

As electronic warfare undergoes rapid technological advancements, analyzing wireless communication signals to recognize and predict threats has become crucial for any military or intelligence unit. Today, the integration of large multipurpose surveillance systems requires purpose-driven functionalities as well as thorough knowledge pertaining to signal monitoring to analyze signals for insightful comprehension. As a result, operations in the ever-changing environments of warfare necessitate smaller, more mobile Low-SWaP (Low Size, Weight & Power) systems to detect, identify and track signals.


Equipping clients with the ability to monitor and analyze wireless communication signals effortlessly, PROCITEC’s go2signals software integrates into Low- SWaP devices as well as large systems, ensuring scalability and interoperability.

The software can be scaled to suit small teams operating with Low-SWaP manpack/manportable systems as well as highly qualified and skilled SIGINT/COMINT specialists that oversee communication from global radio monitoring stations.

With the help of go2signals, the user can automate monitoring tasks and tailor the configuration to improve the amount and quality of results, manage the increasing density of signals and sub-bands in the RF spectrum, and “stay current” with the evolving trends in the industry. Go2signals software can be easily integrated into existing infrastructures and assists users to enhance their systems with the necessary functions such as classification, demodulation, and decoding of signals. For the full interview please proceed to

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