The business division Sensors offers the most advanced and effective products for signal acquisition, always focusing on the entire functional chain for communication intelligence. Technical requirements are implemented using our precise and highly sensitive antennas, radio direction finders and radio receivers.

Because we know that the best sensor technology is uncompromisingly important for the efficiency of an overall system performance. The in-house production guarantees reliability, high technical expertise and security of supply "made in Germany".

Radio direction finder

Our radio direction finders are characterized by the highest precision in determining the direction of the incident electromagnetic wave. These devices are either used in the challenging environment of shortwave or in the highly dynamic and agile frequency ranges from UHF to SHF. We achieve high bandwidths, combined with excellent scanning speeds in all ranges.


The determining quality criterion for radio receivers is the ability to detect any form of electromagnetic signals with a very high probability (POI). The POI is largely derived from the four performance parameters sensitivity, selectivity, dynamic range and noise figure. All of these parameters are implemented consistently and to the greatest possible extent in the PLATH sensor technology.


The versatile use of our products is based on the great variety of our antennas, which can also be adapted to the respective customer needs. The areas of application include airborne, naval, land-based and stationary platforms.